365 Drinks: #168 Phnom Penh Lager (Cambodia)

Phnom Penh Lager
Phnom Penh Lager

Oops, we forgot to take a photo in the post-NYE haze

A new year, a new set of drinks. Last night was long and good. We went to a rooftop party in the city centre and watched the fireworks that were going on near the river from the 6th floor while dancing to some drum n bass. It was a bit disappointing that the party only went on till about 4am but we continued to go to another club and after that for a good morning 2015 beer on the shores of the river. Needless to say that we slept most of the day and only got up to get some pizza, and get a beer as my drink of the day.

I found a Phnom Penh Lager in one of the shops around our hostel. The beer comes just like the Phnom Penh Stout in an awesome bottle that has a three-headed elephant on it’s label. The golden clear beer had 5 percent and a sweet malty and slightly grainy aroma. It wasn’t too fizzy but produced a medium creamy head. The taste was pretty malty and had notes of roasted coffee in it which is quite unusual for a lager I would say. Nonetheless it was easy to drink, which was surprising considering my hangover. Not a typical lager but also not too bad of a beer.


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