365 Drinks: #169 Lao Heng Heng Special Muscle Wine (Cambodia)

Lao Heng Heng Special Muscle Wine
Lao Heng Heng Special Muscle Wine

The expression says it all

It was time for us to leave Phnom Penh and see some more of the country besides the tourist hot-spots. We decided to go up a bit north to the sixth largest, which means pretty small, city of Kampong Cham. Why Kampong Cham? Well why not?! We got up early and took a bus to the city on the Mekong river and by the time we got there it was already evening. We went for a quick stroll around town, got some food and enjoyed the sunset overlooking the mighty Mekong. Lastly I visited one of the nearby shops to go for the hunt of a drink I haven’t had yet.

And I found something interesting. Lao Heng Heng Special Muscle Wine. Wtf is that supposed to be you ask? According to their Facebook page it is a liquor that “…helps to build up a strong physique and mental state. It is particularly effective at alleviating rheumatism and fatigue.” So of course on the front of the bottle needed to be a body builder only wearing a speedo. The 35% “wine” comes with a multilingual description in Chinese, Cambodian and English and is made out of the best stuff you can get out there… “Major ingredients include deer’s antler and many precious Chinese herbs“. I was excited. It had quite a sweet, almost artificial perfumey smell to it that, according to Semi, was “like Ramen noodle seasoning without salt“. It had a rooty taste that reminded me of burned wood with a ginseng note to it. On a second try I recognized a celery taste as well. I don’t know how this drink is supposed to be good for body builders or for anybody. At least it doesn’t taste or smell strongly like alcohol so if you are into burned wood, ginseng and celery taste you can get pissed for little money on this.


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