365 Drinks: #170 Ganzberg Beer (Cambodia)

Ganzberg Beer
Ganzberg Beer

Someone forgot to put sunscreen on….

Second day in Kampong Cham and it’s scooter time. We rented a small automatic motorbike to explore the surroundings of the city. Our way led us to an abandoned U.S. air strip just out of town before we drove upwards along the Mekong to an awesome old temple complex. On our drive back we stopped for some food before crossing a huge bamboo bridge that connects an island on the Mekong with the city. The bridge gets built new every year since during the rainy season it just gets washed away. After we finished exploring the island we brought back the motorbike and enjoyed some beer watching the sunset.

I had a Ganzberg Lager that promised me “German Brewmaster, German Quality”. They surely emphasized on quality and that the beer is linked to Germany. Even the labelling on the can was even partly in German. So let’s see how German this shit is. The smell was sweet malty and reminded me of a pilsner, so far so good. The 5 percent clear golden beer had a medium head and wasn’t too fizzy. The taste was slightly bitter at the beginning and sweet malty in the end. Overall I have to say that it really reminds me of a German pilsner, and that it’s not a bad beer. And on top of that they launched an awesome advertisement campaign with drunk expats. Not a bad beer, and even a bit German.


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