365 Drinks: #171 Alexand Special Whisky (Cambodia)

Alexand Whiskey
Alexand Whiskey

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Another day, another city. We decided to hit the road again and make our way up towards the Thai border and visit the second largest city in Cambodia, Battambang. We had to take a bus from Kampong Cham back to Phnom Penh before rushing to another bus stop to catch a mini-bus that goes to Battambang. We just made it in time for the six-hour ride. When we finally arrived in the city we were tired. More than ten hours of riding a bus was enough for the day. We just wanted to sleep. And what is the best thing that helps you go to sleep (not that I needed it)?

Right! A bottle of whiskey. A corner shop just down from our hotel had “fantastic” looking bottles in its assortment. I bought a 0.7-liter bottle of Alexand Special Whisky for $1. Bargain eh? The whiskey looked very light clear brown which can be explained by it’s low alcohol content of just 23 percent. Can you even still call that a whiskey? It had a sweet slightly nutty aroma to it which was surprisingly pleasant. The taste was very mild sweet with an almond like note to it. It didn’t really taste like whiskey at all, which is good because I don’t like whiskey.

Cambodians like it, though!!


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