365 Drinks: #172 Black Panther Extra Stout (Cambodia)

Black Panther Extra Stout
Black Panther Extra Stout

Black panther power in the Battambang central market

We decided to stay in the city for a while and hang out after our long bus ride yesterday. So we started the day relaxed. Get up, get some breakfast and a good cup of coffee before checking out the local sights. The city is pretty small so we managed to check out all the good stuff on foot in one day. It was hot and tiring but nice and we rounded up our city walking tour with a beer by the riverfront.

I got myself a Black Panther Foreign Extra Stout. I assume the beer was created to support the fight for minority rights and revolutionary socialism, but maybe not. A strong name and a cool can that tells you to “feel the power of black panther”. Well I think with an outside temperature of 30°C and a beer that has 8 percent alcohol, I WILL feel the power of black panther pretty soon. The stout has quite a malty sweet smell that has a caramel-like aroma to it. Clear brown body, slightly creamy head, looks like a stout. The taste started with a sweet and sour flavor and turned into a bit bitter aftertaste. The sweet and sour taste might be what you want when ordering a soup but certainly not a beer, and means this beer is pretty shit. But I was able to feel the power of the panther.


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