365 Drinks: #173 Banan Winery Shiraz (Cambodia)

Banan winery shiraz
Banan winery shiraz

Interesting but maybe not great

Another day in Battambang. This time sightseeing in the surrounding area. We hired a scooter and tried to find some cool stuff. First we trusted Ggoogle Maps too much and ended in field before driving through a temple to reach the actual temple we wanted to get to. After this we visited a crocodile farm, which was cool. And lastly we decided to hit up a vineyard/winery that we discovered on a tourist map that we got. The winery only had three things to offer, red wine, brandy and ginger juice, and turns out to be the only winery in Cambodia.

I decided to have the red wine, a shiraz. The 12.5% wine had a rather clear red look with a brown shimmer to it. The aroma was pretty sweet fruity and almost jam-like. It tasted a bit sour at the beginning and finished with a fruity sweetness. A lot different to the normal bottle of shiraz you can get in any supermarket in Europe. I don’t want to say worse, but definitely different. In total, a drinkable wine but I wouldn’t buy a bottle of it.


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