365 Drinks: #174 Madison Vanilla Rum (Cambodia)

Madison Corner rum
Madison Corner rum

We tried some of the other flavors later, all were pretty awesome

Battambang is actually quite an interesting city. You could still feel the Cambodian vibe although there were more tourists than we expected. It has a lot of restaurants and bars to choose from and even after our fourth day there we haven’t eaten at the same restaurant twice. But there was one bar that stuck out of the lot. The Madison Corner pub had beer for $0.50 and cocktails for $2 during happy hour, and what is even better, home made rum.

Of course I had to try one. After inquiring the bar staff for the best flavor I got told to try the vanilla rum. So a glass of vanilla rum it is. The rum came in an old vodka bottle that had label taped to it saying “vanilla”. The rum was light brown and cloudy which is different to any rum I had so far. It had a sweet vanilla aroma which was nice. It was rather thick, sweet, and had a distinct vanilla taste to it. There wasn’t much of an alcoholic flavor to taste but when it ran down your throat you could feel the power behind it. I’m not sure how strong it was but I was tipsy after I finished my glass. Definitely surprised by this rum and definitely would order again.


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