365 Drinks: #175 Jungle Hut Rice Wine (Cambodia)

Jungle Hut Rice Wine
Jungle Hut Rice Wine

It tasted very… natural

It was our last day in Battambang and we had a mission. We found a blog entry online that reported of Cambodians distil rice wine in the surroundings of Battambang and that it is possible to get a “tour” by asking a tuk-tuk driver about it. So we went out to see if we can find it. After a beer and a quick chat with the bar staff, we had a tuk-tuk driver. After a 15-20 min drive we arrived at a small hut with a distillery in it. He explained us the process and offered us a sample, of course we tried it.

The clear (besides of some dirt particles) rice wine smelled sweet like wet rice. The dude who made it told us it has about 35 percent so I would rather say it’s a rice spirit instead of wine. The taste was surprisingly good. It was was sweet grainy and didn’t have much of an alcohol flavor to it which made it nice and easy to drink. We decided to buy a bottle and he asked us for 2000 riel which is the equivalent of $0.50 cents. That’s what I’m talking about. Cheap, nice tasting booze made by some dude in the jungle. Today was a good day.

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