365 Drinks: #176 Red Horse Beer (Thailand)

Red Horse Beer
Red Horse Beer

First day as a Bangkokian

We had a good 3 weeks in Cambodia and I think I had almost every mainstream beer the country has to offer but now it is time to move on. We woke up early and got picked up at our hotel to be brought to the Cambodian-Thai border. After the usual border process with some waiting time we made it through and found ourselves on a mini bus that would bring us to Bangkok. We decided to lay low for a week and rented an apartment in the city and after 12 hours of travelling we were happy to find a nice bed, fast internet and all amenities we needed. And how can this be better celebrated than with a beer.

So I bought a bottle of Red Horse Beer from the nearby Family Mart. The 640ml (ouh yeah) bottle with the red horse on it says that it is made in Thailand and is brewed under the supervision of the San Miguel brewery. It had a fresh sweet malty aroma, a clear golden look and a medium head. The taste was refreshing hoppy with a grassy note to it and finished with a sweet malty flavor. It was easy to drink although it had 6% alcohol. A welcome back to Thailand drink.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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