365 Drinks: #177 Spy Black Wine Cooler (Thailand)

Spy Black Wine Cooler
Spy Black Wine Cooler

If you’re gonna go shopping, you might as well do it drunk

After our lazy start in the day we decided to hit up the train night market that we visited last time we were in Bangkok one more time. The not too busy market that we visited on a Thursday last time swell up to a full grown mass event with almost three times the stalls and four times the people. Still fun to look but also more stressful. We had to stop more than once for a break and to relax. And how to relax? Of course with a drink.

We found a convenience store that had a wide range of Thai wine coolers. The most appealing at this point was the Spy Black. The wine cooler was dark red, slightly fizzy and smelled super sweet like blackberry. The rather girly drink tasted just as expected, like blackberry juice. Although the bottle said it had 7 percent alcohol, I couldn’t taste much of it and since the bottle was rather small also couldn’t really feel it. It is ok to drink but too sweet for my taste. I think I couldn’t have more than one of these a night. Luckily the market had more to offer than wine coolers. We ended up enjoying it so much we missed the last train and had to get a taxi home.


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