365 Drinks: #178 Federbräu Blond Lager (Thailand)

Federbräu Blond Lager
Federbräu Blond Lager

Not happy about the laptop

Sunday, a good day to relax without stress and just see what the day brings. Maybe do things you wanted to do for a long time? Like installing Ubuntu as a second operating system on your laptop? I wish I wouldn’t have done it. Something went wrong and my Windows including all data on my hard drives (including the recovery images) got deleted. Ouch. I don’t have a Windows key so my only choice was to go full Ubuntu. So I spent my whole day inside setting up my laptop and trying to prepare it so I would be in place to do some real work tomorrow. Fun times. Needless to say that I bought myself a comfort beer.

A Federbräu blond lager. The beer came in a tall green bottle that had some Thai-English-German labelling and looked awfully like a bottle of Becks. The 4.7 percent beer had a clear pale golden look and not much of a head. The taste was slightly bitter at the beginning but very mild and easy to drink. It had a sweet almost grassy flavor but was mostly just pretty watery. In total you can say that not just the bottle reminds of a German Becks but also the taste is similar although definitely worse.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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