365 Drinks: #179 Siam Sato (Thailand)

Siam sato
Siam sato

Accidentally deleted the picture for this drink, but conveniently and inexplicably had this photo of Jésus and the rice wine instead

After the laptop fiasco yesterday and the whole day in front of a screen I wanted to do something different today. Well but I lost a lot of data and all my work related stuff so I had to stay home and do more work shit today. Fantastic. The only time I got out of the house was for dinner. We had below-average Vietnamese food that just added up to the whole day.

On our way back to the apartment I bought a bottle of Siam Sato, a northern Thai rice wine. I knew I had to get it as soon as I saw the illustration of a Thai statue with massive titties pointing my way. All labelling on the bottle was in Thai so I didn’t really know what I was buying at that point. The big 640ml bottle was 35 baht (€1). Super cheap, especially if you consider that the drink has about 8 percent alcohol in it. It would definitely be the homeless alcoholics choice in Germany.

The drink itself was clear with a tiny tiny yellow tint to it. It had a sweet, slightly sour grape-like aroma to it. The taste was, as the aroma suggested, sweet and a bit sour at the beginning. It was ok and nice to drink for the first glass but the second glass didn’t want to go down as smoothly. A distinct rice flavor came to light after drinking it for a while, and you could feel the cheapness of the alcohol since a bit of a discomforting drunkness kicked in. A drink where you get what you pay for, a cheap shit rice wine.


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