365 Drinks #18: Plantaze Crnogorski Vranac (Serbia)

Plantaze Crnogorske Vranac
Plantaze Crnogorske Vranac

Fine art, not so fine wine

After fleeing from the storm that was coming up over Tara national park we decided to have a nice and quiet evening in our villa room with some home grown vegetables and a nice bottle of wine (well only I had some wine). Deciding for a small bottle of local red from the not so big wine selection at the towns bakery, the decision fell on the Plantaze Crnogorski Vranac.

Dark red color with a smoky aroma. The sour and bitter taste makes you think that 50% of the ingredients are chemicals. And I am not sure if it is the 13% alcohol or the said 50% chemicals but after half a bottle my head started to feel heavy and a headache kicked in. I think I couldn’t have had more of this wine than the small bottle and I hope the headache will disappear over night.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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