365 Drinks: #182 Full Moon White Wine Cooler (Thailand)

Full Moon White Wine Cooler
Full Moon White Wine Cooler


Another day in Bangkok to explore the city and it’s many cafes. Followed by some nice food and some drinks in the evening. A rather standard day for the last day of being a apartment “owner” in Bangkok. It was surely good to chill out for a week and get some stuff done. And since it was a pretty standard day, I did the same as usual and paid a visit to the nearby 7-Eleven to get a drink. And what could be more standard than another god damn girly drink?

This time I bought a Full Moon White Wine Cooler. You might saw the red wine version of it already so you can already guess how I feel about this one. The clear pale yellow wine mixer had 5 percent and was not too expensive. It had a super sweet fruity aroma that almost seemed a bit plasticy. The taste was as the aroma suggested pretty sweet and really grapey. It was slightly carbonated but felt and tasted a bit stale. Not sure which grape they used to produce this crap but it’s not good.


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