365 Drinks: #183 Cheers Pale Lager (Thailand)

Cheers Pale Lager
Cheers Pale Lager

Chilling out with the Patpong regulars…

It’s Friday and it’s time to move from our apartment a little bit closer to the fun part of town. We booked another three nights in a hostel in Silom. Unfortunately I booked ourselves in a female mixed dorm… Means Semi and me had to take separate rooms before we could get a dorm together the next day. Not ideal but drinks always help the situation so we went out to do some bar-hopping. All the bars we went to didn’t have any interesting Thai drinks to offer so I had to improvise and just bring my own beer.

I bought a can of blue Cheers beer in the nearest convenience store and just brought it with me to a bar. It had quite a orange colour and was clear with not much of a head. The 5 percent lager-type beer had a sweetish malty aroma with a hint of bitterness in it. All the indicators suggested that this one wouldn’t be nice and trying it confirmed my guess. The slightly malty but hugely watery beer tasted pretty stale and had a strange bitter and slightly sour twist to it that made it taste just horrible. It is one of those beers that you drink and already know that it will give you a headache the next day. Just bad.


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