365 Drinks: #184 Vola Classic Red Wine Cooler (Thailand)

Vola Classic Red Wine Cooler
Vola Classic Red Wine Cooler

Partay partay

It’s Saturday and we are in Bangkok. There must be something good going on right? We did our homework and even found a drum and bass party that looked decent! We haven’t had a good party for a while, needless to say that we were excited. It was clear that I wouldn’t get any interesting or unique Thai drinks at the club so I had to do same as usual. Hit up a 7-eleven and get one of the many different wine cooler drinks.

This time I decided to go with a Vola Classic Red Wine Cooler. Yeah I know… another one of those shitty girly drinks. The red sparkling wine mixer had 5 percent and a very sweet and grapey aroma. I don’t know why but it reminded somehow of the smell of the inside of a plastic mask. Not really promising. The taste was rather bad as well. It was super sweet but surprisingly not too fruity. It was not as fizzy as the other wine mixers I had so far so it didn’t even had a refreshing affect to it. It tasted like a glass of stale sparkling water that was mixed with way too much sugar and a shot of grape juice in it. Another bad experience when it comes to Thai wine mixers. I wish the selection of alcohol in Thailand would be better so I wouldn’t have to drink all this crap. But I am half way there! This shitty girly drink marks 6 months of trying different booze every day.


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