365 Drinks: #185 Archa Pale Lager (Thailand)

Archa Pale Lager
Archa Pale Lager

Still stuffed with Indian food

Sundays are usually reserved for being hungover and just lay in bed all day. But we were smart enough to get some food after last nights drinking binge so we didn’t feel as bad. But due to another super loud snorrer in our dorm we didn’t get much rest. We woke up pretty early and just couldn’t get back to sleep. So we treated ourselves with one of the best Indian food we had since we left London and spent the rest of the day planning our trip to the north of Thailand and sorting out transport and accommodation. On our way back from the train station where we bought our ticket to Chiang Mai I stopped by a convenience store to get me a bottle of Thai beer.

There where the usual suspects like Chang, Singha and Leo but also one that I didn’t drank yet. Archa Pale Lager. The beer came in a big 630ml bottle with a white horse head on it’s label and it was cheap. Perfect for today. I brought it back to the hostel and poured me a glass. It was clear pale yellow with a small foamy head and a slightly sweet and malty aroma. The taste was rather mild watery with a sweet malty note and a strange slightly sour aftertaste. The alcohol content is with 4.9 percent pretty standard. It is an ok beer to drink and cheaper than the other options available in the shop but that’s about it.

Indian food

Some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had, and at less than 200 baht per person, cheap as chips!! Can’t wait to get to Singapore.


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