365 Drinks: #187 Spy Moscato Gold (Thailand)

Spy Moscato Gold
Spy Moscato Gold

Another girly drink…

Day one in Chiang Mai. We arrived around 1pm at the main station and got greeted by loads of tuk-tuk and shared taxi drivers that promised us the best rates to get to our hostel. We knew that this is bullshit, walked a block further towards our hostel and got a shared taxi for one-third of the price. We had a rest after we arrived, the 13-hour train ride took it’s toll. In the evening we went out to have a look around town and check out the nearby 7-Eleven for a drink.

I got myself a good old Spy Moscato. The white wine mixed with sparkling water has an alcohol content of 5 percent and a clear darker yellow colour. It had a sweet almost peach like aroma and was slightly carbonated. The taste was very sweet with a distinct grape flavor to it. Another girly drink that is too sweet but at least it had 5 percent.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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