365 Drinks: #188 Chang Classic (Thailand)

Chang Classic
Chang Classic

The mighty elephant beer

On our second day in Chiang Mai we hired a scooter for the day to explore the surroundings a bit. We tried to find “Laddaland”, a former recreation park that is supposedly haunted. We asked around and got the direction from a young Thai guy that told us not to go there at night. Ghosts and stuff. Unfortunately Laddaland was fenced off and we weren’t dressed for trespassing since we expected just an open park with some derelict houses so we had to skip it. We spent the evening working and forgot the time so that when it came to drinking I had a problem. All major convenience stores in Thailand like 7-Eleven don’t sell alcohol after midnight, so I had to go from bar to bar and ask for a drink. Which turned out to be hard after 1am on a Monday night.

Luckily one street bar was still open and sold me a bottle of Chang, one of the beers I kept for emergencies like today. The beer with the big elephant is next to Singha and Leo as one of the three big beers in Thailand. The 6 percent beer is available almost everywhere and is not too expensive. The clear and pale golden beer has a medium head and a sweet malty aroma with a bit of a bitter hint. The taste is sweet and malty with a bit bitter almost sourish flavor to it that isn’t too bad. The beer has the reputation to keep you awake and make you very drunk in a short amount of time and I can definitely agree with this. It’s a nice beer to drink but I can’t drink too many of them since the slightly bitter/sour taste get’s a bit too much after a while.


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