365 Drinks: #189 Piti Tea Rice Wine (Thailand)

Piti Tea Rice Wine
Piti Tea Rice Wine

Beauty and the beast

We decided to move a bit further up north today to visit the small city of Pai. The usual procedure: getting up, packing stuff, checking out, going to the bus station, hop on the bus. The three-hour bus ride brought us down serpentine roads and through a national park. The scenery was just amazing. After around two hours it was time for the obligatory stop at the bus company’s favourite rest station, which turned out much better than usual. The normally overpriced selection at those rest stops is underwhelming, but this one had a surprise waiting for me.

I found a bottle of Slow Wine Joy or Piti Tea Rice Wine. The awesome-looking 700ml bottle with a topless biker on it was made in year 2556 (according to the Thai way of counting) and cost me 200 baht. The wine itself was clear orange coloured and had around 10 percent alcohol. It had nice a sweet caramel, almost honey like aroma that didn’t have much of an alcohol smell to it. So far so good. The taste was pretty similar to the smell. It had a sweet honey flavor with a bit of sourness to it that made it refreshing. You couldn’t really taste the rice part of the wine that much, which is good I think. I have to say that I was surprised how good this wine was but overall it was still a bit too sweet and I wouldn’t be able to drink too much of it.


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