365 Drinks: #190 Miracle V Vodka (Thailand)

Miracle V Vodka
Miracle V Vodka

Zebra Road wha?

First full day in Pai but we didn’t do too much. We stayed up late drinking yesterday and our bed was rock hard, so we didn’t sleep much. We only saw the rather small town center and the walking street with it’s food stalls and kitchy souvenir shops. On the second look you could also find some nicer looking bars and restaurants in the side streets but most action was happening on the main drag. Here is also where I found my drink of the day. Rather hard but since I haven’t heard of any Thai vodka before I had to buy it.

The Miracle V Vodka, produced and bottled by the Borkaew Community Enterprise in Chiang Mai, came in a bottle with a zebra look and had 30 percent alcohol. The vodka was clear and a minty and slightly alcoholic aroma to it, so I assume it has a mint infusion of some sort. It had a very mild sweet alcoholic and distinct mint taste. It that makes you feel like you brushed your teeth after you drink it. All this makes it very easy to drink and I could see myself ordering it in a club when it comes drinking some shots. Pretty good.

Fun fact: Zebras are really popular in Thailand, although no one knows why for sure. We read one theory that zebra are considered to be animals that symbolise protection because of….

wait for it…

ZEBRA CROSSINGS. Because zebra crossings are safe zones that protect pedestrians on the road, why wouldn’t the animal itself also be a protective spirit?


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