365 Drinks: #191 Maehongson Rice Vodka (Thailand)

Maehongson Rice Vodka
Maehongson Rice Vodka

Scrutinising the bottle… is that a Deutschmark?!

Today we hired a motorbike to explore the surroundings of Pai. We saw temples, elephants and waterfalls. It surely is a nice part of Thailand. In the evening we went out to check out more of the nightlife that Pai has to offer, and you have to say that it has an impressive amount of bars and restaurants for such a small town far from any big city. Most of the bars you can find are oriented towards tourists though, which also means that I didn’t find any interesting Thai drink besides beer.

So I popped in one of the Thai convenience stores on the main strip where I found a bottle of Maehongson Rice Vodka. The label looked familiar, it had the same layout and colouring as a Heineken beer and even the bottle was a recycled Heineken bottle. The best part of the labelling was the golden Deutschmark on the top. I have no idea why they put it there but all the signs say that I got myself a bottle of moonshine today. The aroma was sweet and slightly sour, you could tell that it is made out of rice. It didn’t smell too alcoholic and I thought the label said it had 20 percent, how bad could it be? Well, after drinking about a double shot of the clear spirit straight out of the bottle I was thinking differently. It had a strong alcohol taste and was slightly sweet with a strange flavor that I couldn’t identify. It kind of tasted like nail polish and was surely stronger than 20 percent. At least it didn’t have much of an aftertaste and the disgusting flavor it left in my mouth vanished shortly after I got it down my throat. I thought this impression was just due to a shock because the taste was so different to the smell so I had another double shot. It tasted the same if not worse. This crap is shit.


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