365 Drinks: #192 Surakrun Jintana Pai (Thailand)

Surakrun Jintana Pai
Surakrun Jintana Pai

Hard at work in the hammock outside our bungalow

For our last day in Pai we planned a tight schedule. Sleep long, enjoy the sun and hang out. It worked out pretty well and the food we had was amazing. I even got into the mood of giving rice wine another chance. So I went to the same shop where I bought the bottle of liquid shit yesterday to check out what they have.

Right next to the bottle from yesterday was a bottle with yellow label that had something on it that looked like a bird. The label was completely in Thai so I assumed it was rice wine. The English phonetic translates to Surakrun Jintana Pai, whatever that means. The clear drink smelled sweet and mildly alcoholic, similar to the rice spirit from yesterday. The taste was quite different though. It had a strong alcoholic taste to it but was still much milder than the one from yesterday. The sweet and slight rice flavor actually worked together. Overall said, it was much better than the shit from yesterday but still bad.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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