365 Drinks: #193 Syder Bay Pop Cider (Thailand)

Syder Bay Pop Cider
Syder Bay Pop Cider

I’m gonna pump. You. Up.

Today we took a bus back to Chiang Mai to have short stop before heading up further north-east to Chiang Rai. The three-hour bus ride was alright and our hostel was not far from the bus station. We dropped our stuff and went out to get some food and a drink. Unfortunately I didn’t find any Thai convenience store that was still open so I had to get a girly drink from 7-Eleven. Again.

This time I got myself a Syder Bay Pop Cider, a apple wine mix drink. Looked like apple juice, smelled like carbonated apple juice and tasted pretty much like carbonated apple juice. It was sweet and refreshingly sour. This all doesn’t sound too bad and I’m sure if I were a 10 year old boy and I would find this in the lunch box my mom packed for me I would be happy. And I bet my school wouldn’t have anything against it since the drink only has fucking 3.5 percent alcohol. But at this day and age I think that this drink is too sweet, too low on alcohol and just not worth drinking it.


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