365 Drinks: #194 Leo Beer (Thailand)

Leo Beer
Leo Beer

A crappy beer in a crappy night market

We made our way up to Chiang Rai. The northernmost city in Thailand is rather small and doesn’t have as many tourist amenities as Chiang Mai. We arrived pretty late so we just dropped our bags at the hostel again and then went into town to get some food. We decided to go for the daily night market in the city centre. The selection of food and drinks was rather disappointing and even a stroll around the surrounding area wasn’t successful. I just couldn’t find an interesting drink. So I decided to have an emergency beer.

I got myself a bottle of Leo beer. One of the big three beers in Thailand and usually the cheapest of them. The 5 percent pale golden lager is medium fizzy and smells sweet malty. It tastes very watery and quite sweet with a metallic note to it. It is very easy to drink but lacks a bit in taste. Thai people tend to drink Leo with ice, which makes beer stale and waters it down even more. One way or the other, it is not the best Thai beer but cheap and nice on hot summer day.


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