365 Drinks: #195 Kachu Umeshu (Thailand)

Kachu Umeshu
Kachu Umeshu

Uhuhuhuh… WANG COME

We went cafe-hopping on our second day in Chiang Rai. The town has less options than Chiang Mai but we found some nice coffee. This also gave us the opportunity to have a look around the city centre by day. Not many tourists, a wooden church and a flower show that even made a monk take picture of himself with his selfie stick. Interesting for sure. We finished the tour with an amazing meal at an northern Thai restaurant. We also asked for Thai booze that is not beer, and the owner told us to walk a couple of blocks down to the nearest bottle shop. We followed the instructions and found ourselves in a store that had a wide variety of local drinks.

Including Kachu Umeshu Plum Wine. The Japanese-style drink is named after a mountain range in the north of Thailand where the plums are grown and the alcohol is made. The plum wine had a orange clear look and a sweet and slightly chocolaty/minty aroma. It tasted sour with a sweet plum flavor to it. Quite nice. It was a bit thicker than your normal umeshu, which made it have more of a syrup feeling to it but that didn’t make the drink any worse. The only thing that was bad is that the small bottle was quite expensive, and even the nice taste, the 14.5 percent alcohol, and the two (!) plums in the bottle couldn’t justify the 195 baht (about £4) that I paid for it.


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