365 Drinks: #196 Varinthip Rum (Thailand)

Varinthip Rum
Varinthip Rum

Traditionally Thai… and also tasting like shit

Today we decided to rent a bicycle an explore the surrounding area of city. We cycled along the river that goes through town. Our way brought us to the famous Chiang Rai beach, through a half-abandoned countryside resort, past high hills and a prison before we stopped at a Buddhist cave monastery. Maybe it was because we cycled really slow but people seemed to notice us and greet us while we went past them. Something we didn’t really experience as much while travelling around on a motorbike. It was a nice day out but of course I still needed a drink so we went back to the bottle shop from yesterday to see what he had.

This time I bought a bottle of Varinthip “Traditionally Thai Blended Spirit” (which I assume was rum). It was pretty cheap to get the big bottle so I was prepared for some “good” stuff. The 30 percent spirit was clear pale brown and smelled sweet alcoholic, like rum. The taste was interesting, but not in a good way. It was sweet but with a bitter taste to it that lasted quite long. After a second shot my gag reflex kicked it and I decided to leave the rest of the bottle to someone else. Overall, a pretty bad rum or spirit or whatever you want to call it.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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