365 Drinks: #197 Singha (Thailand)


Saved the best for last? Uh.. no.

Chiang Rai was fun but all good things come to an end. We made our way back to Chiang Mai to spend the weekend there (as mentioned before, the actual city of Chiang Rai is not the most buzzing place on earth). So we hopped on a three-hour bus that brought us back to the biggest city in the north. This time we stayed in the north west of town with all the hip bars and cafes. Unfortunately it seems like domestic drinks are not “in” with the younger folks and the Westerners. I didn’t find anything good so I had to do the last of my Thai emergency beers.

This time, the Thai beer: Singha. Usually the most expensive of the three (Leo, Chang, Singha) and arguably the most well known beer made in Thailand. It comes in large cans or bottles but always has a sexy booty lion on its label. The 5 percent beer has a pretty average aroma. Mildly hoppy and sweet malty. Today I had it at a bar mostly visited by locals so I got it served with a glass of ice. I don’t get this custom at all since it takes away the carbonation of the drink and waters it down even more than it is already by itself. I chucked away the ice and drank it like I did so many times before. It tastes pretty mild almost watery but with a slightly bitter and sweet malty flavor to it. It is super easy to drink, and considering its competitors, also worth being the most well known Thai beer.


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