365 Drinks: #2 Laško Zlatorog (Slovenia)

Lasko lager
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It ain’t no Kronenberg, or is it?

Half as a joke but mostly because we like drinking,  Mook has dedicated himself to the task of drinking one different alcoholic beverage each day (if possible… the Middle East will get a bit questionable) for one year as we travel around the world. For the sake of posterity, they’ll be ranked and recorded here in all their thirst-quenching, fire-spitting glory.

Slovenia doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to beer. There’s Union, which is brewed in Ljubljana and is pretty much your typical watery lager, and Laško, which is slightly less bitter but still your typical watery lager. We tried both Laško Zlatorog (sounds like the name of some Russian emperor) and Laško Club (for export, sounds stupid). Zlatorog is pretty drinkable with a pretty fizzy aftertaste while the Laško Club (for export) tastes like some shit beer that you can find on discount at 7-11 in America.

As far as alcohol content, 4.9% isn’t much and is average for a lager, but thanks to the heat and lack of sleep after driving over 10 hours through the night from Germany to Slovenia, and arriving in Ljublijana to a hostel that wouldn’t let us check in for another four hours, it hit the spot and I felt the effects right away. And the weather was hot as shit. So I give it a pretty good rating.

Laško Club, for reference... they export the worst

Laško Club, for reference… they export the worst


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