365 Drinks: #20 Rubin Vinjak (Serbia)

Rubin Vinjak
Rubin Vinjak

Brandy? I don’t like brandy…

Guča festival finally began! We started our tour over the festival site and quickly realised that, for most people, we are just walking moneybags. We didn’t see much of the Serbian hospitality we encountered before. But got way overcharged in a cafe and had to fight off beggars with both hands. We didn’t really get into a party mood. So I needed something stronger. Checking the local super market, I found something that might fit.

Vinjak vs. Rubin. No idea what it might be (found out now that it is a type of brandy), but it had 40% so I bought it.
It had an orange like colour with a pretty sweet smell that reminded me of alcohol used for baking. As soon as I put the tiny bottle to my lips, I could feel the burning sensation of the alcohol. It burned down my throat in an instant and left a somehow disgusting caramel like taste in my mouth. Definitely woke me up at that point, but wouldn’t want to drink ever again.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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