365 Drinks: #200 Chang Export (Thailand)

Chang Export

Made it to 200 and the liver is still going strong!!

Back in Bangkok and today is day 200 of our travels! This also means that it is my 200th different drink! Time to celebrate and get something nice right? Well, we are in Bangkok and there are not that many good Thai drinks. And I just wasn’t up for another shitty rice wine or a girly drink. For my 200th drink I wanted something that I actually like. I just wanted a beer. But unfortunately the selection of the nearby convenience stores isn’t that great.

So I had to go with a Chang Export. Nothing special, nothing fancy, just a Chang Export. The small can promoted the “100% finest malt” beer that has 1 percent less alcohol than the original Chang. The dark golden clear beer had a medium head and very malty and sweet aroma. The taste was maltier than the original which made it milder and a bit sweeter and a bit bitter. There was still this strange taste to it that I can’t really describe but it was much more subtle. It is very easy to drink and I have to say that I prefer it to the original Chang.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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