365 Drinks: #202 Hong Thong Whiskey (Thailand)

Hong Thong Whiskey
Hong Thong Whiskey

Hiding the booze from the “teachers” on board the dry train

It’s time to leave Thailand, again, can you believe it? Our visa was running out after 30 days and it was just time to move on. So we booked our train to get further down south into Malaysia. Another amazing 24-hour train ride was ahead of us. But this time at least a sleeper train and with an exciting border crossing into a country we haven’t been yet. Our preparation for the journey?

A last Thai lunch and a bottle of Hong Thong Whiskey. You are not allowed to drink on Thai trains, but 24 hours on a train without any alcohol? No thanks. I am actually not quite sure if you can call that stuff whiskey, the bottle only said that it is a “blended spirit” with 35 percent alcohol. It had a clear pale brown look and a rather mildly sweet smell with a spicy note. We waited till our beds were prepared and we could hide behind a curtain to drink it. It felt like being on a field trip with school. The taste was slightly spicy but rather mild and sweet which made it easy-ish to drink. I am quite sure that it is more like a rum than a whiskey after trying it. We drank straight out of the bottle and chased it with Coke. It didn’t take long for us to go through the bottle. An alright and cheap rum that is rather easy to drink, not to bad.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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