365 Drinks: #204 Royal Stout (Malaysia)

Royal Stout
Royal Stout

We tried, but couldn’t give it the same effort the second night

We managed to get pretty drunk yesterday at the local bottle shop. We stayed up till around 3am but got up 8am because of the loud music that was coming from the cafe below our dormitory. Semi was hungover and I was still drunk. We wanted to take it easy and just get some of the awesome food Penang has to offer. We picked a dish we wanted to try and then decided on the hawker center that looked the best. We ended up walking 5km to get there and because of a lack of buses, we walked 5km back. In the extreme midday humid heat. We were exhausted when we got back. For the evening we did the same as before, check out the nearby bottle shop and get a drink.

This time I got myself a Royal Stout. The stout is produced in Malaysia under the supervision of Carlsberg. Not a good sign. It was reasonably priced, had 8 percent and a dark brown but clear medium fizzy body. It had a very sweet malty smell with a hint of caramel. The taste was sweet malty with a bitter finish that stayed for a long time. It was rather easy to drink but the aftertaste was pretty annoying after a while. Not great but still better than some of the stouts I had in Cambodia.


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