365 Drinks: #205 Pelican Long Island Ice Tea (Malaysia)

Pelican Long Island Ice Tea
Pelican Long Island Ice Tea

What a great drink for such a romantic sunset

We didn’t go all-out yesterday so we were up to see something of the city today. We walked around a bit and checked out the historic old parts of Georgetown. After this we took a break in the local cat cafe, which was rather shit since spoiled Malaysian teens and little kids just can’t handle cats. So we decided to check out one of the beaches on the island and because we don’t like tourist crap, we just picked a random town that is reachable by bus and went there. We got greeted at the entrance of the town by a derelict hotel, good sign. We made our way to the beach where I discovered a fucking dragon! It was massive and people apparently call them varans (it was a water monitor). After this exciting trip to the beach we had a relaxing drink at another beach further towards our hostel.

I had a Pelican Long Island Ice Tea. It had the right-looking darker brownish clear color and smelled sweet like Coke and citrus fruits. The long island ice tea had a very sweet Coca-Cola flavor and not much of an alcoholic taste to it. It was slightly carbonated and basically reminded me of a very cheap and badly mixed long island ice tea. It was with 8 percent one of the stronger mixed drinks you can buy in a bottle, which is positive. Overall not a great drink but with 8 percent and for Malaysia cheap price definitely an alternative.

Water monitor tracks... the bastards were  fast and we couldn't get close!

Water monitor tracks… the bastards were fast and we couldn’t get close!


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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