365 Drinks: #206 Raffles Lager (Singapore)

Raffles Lager
Raffles Lager

The cheapest drink we could find cost us €2.50

Today was time to spent loads of time on the bus and make our way down to Singapore to meet a friend. The day started early, we left the hostel around 8am and sat on our bus towards Singapore around 10am. It was supposed to be an eight-hour bus ride but it stretched out to take us 11 hours due to several unplanned stops and breaks. At least the bus was comfortable. The first thing we did after we arrived in Singapore was to pay a visit to our old friend 7-Eleven in hope that we would find a Singaporian drink that wouldn’t cost us a fortune.

And see there, we found a Raffles Export Lager. The 4.5-percent half litre can was around €2.50, expensive but at the same time still the cheapest option. It had a sweet malty aroma and a pale golden clear body. The taste was watery and sweet with a sourish bitter aftertaste that lasted quite long. It’s not good, and for that price especially. I can get half a crate of Oettinger for that money in Germany, and it even tastes better.


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