365 Drinks: #207 Tiger Lager (Singapore)

Tiger Lager
Tiger Lager

Reunion beer… Tiger is better than Efes after all!

Our night was short; the hostel we booked looked good online but when we got there it was super crammed and just not that nice spend time there. You can expect more for €12 per bed per night in a dormitory?! But I guess this is Singapore. After we got up, we met up with our friend Merih that we first met in Bursa, Turkey about five months ago. He showed us around town and then invited us over to his aunt and uncle’s house where we relaxed by the pool with some wine (!!) before we headed back to the city for more drinks.

Singapore doesn’t produce many alcoholic drinks so today I am drinking the probably second most famous drink from this city-state. I am talking about Tiger beer. You can find this beer anywhere in Southeast Asia. The blue labelled lager beer has 5 percent and a pale golden clear body with not too much of a head. It smells sweet malty with a slight crisp metallic hint to it. The taste is very subtle sweet and malty with a bit bitter note to it that made the beer refreshing. It is super easy to drink and I can definitely have loads of them. Tiger is the beer I spent all my money on the first time I went to Bangkok and I don’t regret it. It’s good.


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