365 Drinks: #208 Singapore Sling (Singapore)

Singapore Sling
Singapore Sling

We resisted the Raffles classic and went with a cheaper one down at Clark Quay

Our third day in Singapore would be our last. Our hostel is just too annoying and expensive, and we have ferry to catch. So what to do here? We decided to check out Little India and get some food before heading to (supposedly) the most southern point of the Asian peninsula on Sentosa Island, which turned out to be a big amusement park. It was a fun day and we ended it by drinking with our friend.

Today I decided to get the probably most famous Singaporian drink. A Singapore Sling. The cocktail was supposedly invented at the Raffles Hotel by a bartender named Ngiam Tong Boon. At least this is what the Raffles Hotel says, but there are cocktail historians out there that doubt the whole story.  The gin mix drink is pink cloudy looking, has a white creamy head, and came with a cocktail cherry and slice of lime. The smell was very sweet and had hints of pineapple and cherry. The cocktail tasted very sweet and pretty much just like the cocktail cherry that comes with the drink. It didn’t taste much like alcohol, and at around £10, way too expensive.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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