365 Drinks: #209 Mix Max Exotic Blue Vodka (Indonesia)

Mix Max Exotic Blue Vodka
Mix Max Exotic Blue Vodka

New country, new drinks!!

Today we made our way over to a small Island of the coast of Singapore that already belongs to Indonesia. It was a fun boat ride that showed us what was going on in Singapore bay and we were able to see the truly amazing skyline of Singapore. When we arrived on the island it was just like landing on another planet. We catched a mini bus towards our hotel and the door was left open and all the passengers were smoking. If you would try to do that in Singapore you would probably get some lashes. We walked the last 1km to our hotel and got greeted and asked where we would go a lot. We made it to the hotel, it looked good and a double room was still $4 cheaper than two beds in the hostel in Singapore.

And see there, the Circle K around the corner also has some booze for sale. I bought a bottle of Mix Max Exotic Blue Vodka Mix drink. The clear blue drink had 8 percent and a mix of pineapple, lime, vodka and blue food coloring. It smelled very sweet like pineapple and not much like alcohol. The taste was similar to the smell. It had a very sweet pineapple flavor with a slight vodka aftertaste. Not a bad drink considering it’s cheap price and the 8 percent alcohol content, a bit too cheap but that’s what you get when you order a mixer as well.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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