365 Drinks: #21 Domaca Rakija (Serbia)

Domaca Rakija
Domaca Rakija

Rakija to cheer you up

Deciding to take it easy after Guča festival and doing some work and visiting a communist monument nearby. Little did we know that our car was about to break down. Driving down the hill back to Uzice, I noticed that the engine is getting really hot. So we stopped to check it out. Luckily, we stopped right next to a mechanic who had a look at it. He told us to sit down and wait till the problem is fixed. And it wouldn’t be Serbia if they wouldn’t offer us a rakija. So after the shock of our car making problems, I had a shot.

Homemade plum rakija coming in a stylish syrup bottle. Smelling sweet and tasty. Tasting not too harsh and comforting in the current situation. If I would have anticipated what would come in the next 24h, I would have asked for the whole bottle.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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