365 Drinks: #210 El Diablo Strong Brew (Indonesia)

El Diablo Strong Brew
El Diablo Strong Brew

Chilling in front of the local mosque. Moments after this was taken two dudes rocked up and asked to take their photo with us. Celeb!!

Today was reserved for sorting out our ferry. We first planned to go down to Jakarta but because of Chinese New Year the ticket prices doubled. We also read about massive forest burnings that happen end of February in North Sumatra, so we thought it would be better to go there first. So we bought ourselves tickets for the ferry that would bring us in 23 hours to Medan in the north of Sumatra Island. After this we went to the first and only microbrewery on the island where we had some beer.

I ordered a microbrewed Reddot Lime Wheat Beer. A good drink of the day! At least that’s what I thought. When it came to get the bill, our waiter told us that the beer we ordered was out and that we got served Erdinger Weissbier instead. God damnit. This means I had to get another drink from somewhere. And certainly not here.

So I went to Circle K again and bought a can of El Diablo Strong Brew beer perfect for the date, Friday the 13th of February. The lager type beer had a very sweet malty aroma that had a hint of chocolate. It was clear golden and refreshingly fizzy. The taste was sweet, slightly bitter and a bit watery which made it very easy to drink. It also had a hint of citrus flavor. The 5 percent beer gets advertised as “Strong Brew” beer which I don’t really understand. Overall the beer is not as bad as I though and easy to drink.


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