365 Drinks: #211 Hatten Aga Red Wine (Indonesia)

Hatten Aga Red Wine
Hatten Aga Red Wine

Landlubber’s swill

Today we checked out the city a bit. We walked around, had a coffee and went to the mall to get a Indonesian SIM card. The plan for the evening was to make our way down to the harbour and catch the ferry that would bring us to Medan in the north of Sumatra. It is Valentines Day. And how to celebrate this better than on a 23-hour cruise?

The only thing that is missing in this plan is a bottle of red wine. So we bought aBbalinese Hatten Aga red wine. The 11.5 percent wine was $12, rather expensive for Indonesian standards. It had a dark red color and smelled very heavy and dry with a hint of sourness. The taste was sweet fruity with a quite a sour note to it and a easy mild finish. It had a slight bitter but also sour aftertaste that was not too bad. One of the better locally produced wines we had in the past four months.


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