365 Drinks: #212 Bintang Radler (Indonesia)

Bintang Radler
Bintang Radler

Drinking with the local ladies after a looooong journey

Today we spent almost all day on the ferry that brought us to Belawan. I think we were the only foreigners on the boat so everybody had their eyes on us when we walked around. We even got breakfast (served at 7am) and lunch (served at 11am) included. The food consisted of rice, chicken and spicy sambal, for breakfast and lunch. Not really great but free. When we arrived in Belawan we still had some distance to cover to get to Medan and to our guesthouse. We opted for the cheapest solution which was to take a motorbike to a nearby bus stop and then from there a minibus. The driver dropped us somewhere in a busy area and we had to walk quite a while till we arrived at the guesthouse we were staying at. It was already pretty late so we just went out to grab some food and a drink for me.

The local bottle shop didn’t have much of a choice and since I wanted to save the regular Bintang beer for an emergency situation I bought a Bintang Radler. The beer and lemon mix drink had 2 percent alcohol and had a yellow cloudy body with bits of (I guess lemon) floating around in it. It smelled sweet-sourish and quite like citrus fruit. The taste was very lemon-like. Not really fizzy but a watery bitter note to it. It definitely reminded of the bottled radler beers you find in Germany. The beer mixer was easy to drink and quite refreshing to drink in the heat of Medan, but it only has 2 percent, which makes it not really suitable for a night out.


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