365 Drinks: #213 Killin Arak Coke (Indonesia)

Killin Arak Coke
Killin Arak Coke

Emergency drink after we found out the tuak was finished

Today we got woken up at 5am. Why? Because Medan is a city with a lot of mosques and we were lucky enough to book a night in a guesthouse that was surrounded by them. Means we got to hear call to prayer songs from every direction. And they wouldn’t just stop after five minutes, no. We were entertained by Indonesia’s finest Muslim music for about 45 minutes. The imams were on fire. We catched some sleep after they stopped but it wasn’t too much. We had a bus to catch to Lake Toba. So we went to the bus stop and made our way there. We arrived in Tuktuk on Samosir Island in the middle of the huge crater lake around 7pm, booked ourselves into a guesthouse and went for food. Almost same routine like yesterday, travel, guesthouse food.

But this time I had a Killin Arak mixed with Coke. The local restaurant owner told us that tuak is out so I went with the 19.7 percent rice wine instead. It had a sweet slightly rice like aroma that got mixed up with the sweet Coke smell after he poured me the glass. The 50-50 mixer had a sweet not much alcoholic taste that wasn’t too bad. Pretty much like Coca-Cola with a hint of fruity rice flavor to it. The rice flavor got more intense the more I drank of the glass but overall it wasn’t too much. It’s an easy to drink alternative to your normal mixer and one of the cheaper options as well.


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