365 Drinks: #214 Tuktuk tuak (Indonesia)

Tuktuk tuak
Tuktuk tuak

Looks better than it tastes

We decided to hire a scooter today to explore the area a bit. We drove around the outskirts of the island, managed to get a flat tire and then after we got that fixed it started to rain. Our actual plan to take a rather bad road up the mountain was not possible anymore so we had to take the road back that we came from. We arrived back at our guesthouse wet and as cold as we haven’t felt for a long time. Maybe a drink will help.

I noticed a small shop just outside our guesthouse that was full of locals in the evening so I decided to check it out. And see there, they had tuak. I was told that it is produced fresh every day and therefore is only available in the evening, so I was lucky to get some. They filled me up a half-liter PET bottle for around $0.50 and wished me fun. It had a slight yellow milky creamy look and smelled very vinegary that almost reminded of a mild mustard. The taste was, compared to the tuak I had in Penang, rather bitter and more strong. It was still sour and tasted fermented but I think this one had definitely more alcohol than 5 percent. It all finished with a bit bitter aftertaste that wasn’t too nice. My second tuak and I still don’t like it, I don’t get why it is so popular with the locals.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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