365 Drinks: #215 Herman Hansen Mansion House Brandy (Indonesia)

Herman Hansen Mansion House Brandy
Herman Hansen Mansion House Brandy

Photo taken the next day… couldn’t drink too much of this shit. But Mook didn’t go blind!!

We couldn’t really do much today since it was raining pretty heavily. We just hung out at our guesthouse, enjoyed the scenery and did some work. It cleared up a bit in the evening so we made our way further down the main road to one of the few restaurants where I hoped to find an interesting drink.

I couldn’t find anything at the restaurant but at a nearby shop sold small bottles of local brandy, so I bought a bottle of Herman Hansen Mansion House Brandy.  It was $7, rather expensive and didn’t look really nice. The 40 percent brandy had a clear amber look and a rather mild and sweet vanilla aroma with a hint of alcohol. Not as bad as I thought. Until it came to drinking it. The taste was just horrible. It didn’t have much of a flavour but a strong rubbing alcohol taste that filled your whole mouth with a disgusting almost chemically coat. After the second sip my gag reflex acknowledged the bad quality of this shit. To top it off, it even had a long lasting disgusting aftertaste. Absolute shit and for sure not worth buying.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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