365 Drinks: #216 Samosir Sunrise (Indonesia)

Samosir Sunrise

Samosir Sunrise

The weather today wasn’t as rainy so we decided to rent a scooter again and discover the rest of the island. This time we were driving quite up high in the mountains of little Samosir island. The view was fantastic and we met locals here and there that offered us food or just wanted to chat. A nice ride but although it was pretty cloudy and the sun only peaked through only a little bit I managed to get a proper sunburn on my legs and my face. That’s what you get when you are pale as a ghost and go outside without sun screen.

So what would fit better to today’s adventures than a Samosir Sunrise? The “cocktail” consists of Indonesian rice wine mixed with orange juice. It had a dark orange look, wasn’t fizzy at all and smelled sweet orange like with a hint of alcoholic aroma to it. The taste was similar, it had a dominant orange taste with a bit alcoholic rice flavor to it. Nonetheless it was easy to drink but I assume not as potent as a normal cocktail. I would consider it as quite a girly drink and I think I wouldn’t really order it again but it wasn’t too bad.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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