365 Drinks: #222 Storm Oriental Lychee Vodka (Malaysia)

Storm Oriental Lychee Vodka
Storm Oriental Lychee Vodka

Oriental drink in good ol’ Chinatown

Today we made our way up to Kuala Lumpur. We stayed close to the Chinatown district with cheap bottle shops with an interesting stock. And indeed I found something that I have never seen before. A Vodka Lychee mix drink. The drink is manufactured by Storm and got the extra attribute “Oriental”, whatever that’s supposed to mean. The slightly white, cloudy drink with 5.6 percent alcohol was rather cheap since I bought it at the cheapest bottle shop around. It had a sweet and fruity aroma that wasn’t alcoholic at all. It was quite fizzy compared to the other similar drinks I had so far and squirted all over the place when I opened it. The mixer had quite a stale taste to it and reminded me of cheap counterfeit of a PEZ bonbon, in liquid form. It didn’t taste much like alcohol and I didn’t get that drunk. It had some lychee taste to it but I didn’t like it. There are better cheap shit drinks out there.


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