365 Drinks: #223 Winner Gin (Malaysia)

Winner Gin
Winner Gin


Day two in Kuala Lumpur. A day full of work and cheap Chinese food. All rounded up with a visit to one of the bottle shops. I bought myself a small bottle of Winner Gin, and since I feared that it would be super horrible, also a can of Kickapoo (yes, that’s the name) lemonade.

The gin had a horses head on it’s label and was dirt cheap, clear and had 40 percent alcohol. It smelled pretty much like vodka, which made me fear about its quality even more. After a first straight shot I was rather surprised. I still had my vision and, although it tasted like alcohol (I guess you can’t expect it to taste like water when it has 40 percent), it wasn’t too bad. It had a rather mild gin flavor to it that made it easy to drink and I didn’t even needed a chaser. I poured a double shot in my glass and mixed it with the cloudy, slightly yellow Kickapoo. The mix was quite all right. Kickapoo had a fizzy lemon flavor to it that tasted slightly stale but worked well with the gin. I ended up finishing the whole bottle with a guy I met at the hostel and even without any mixer. A clear winner.


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