365 Drinks: #224 Storm Electric Jam (Malaysia)

Storm Electric Jam
Storm Electric Jam

Another fantastic selection in the Storm lineup

Another day in hot Kuala Lumpur. We slightly got used to the city and we also know where to find the cheapest drinks. Today I got myself a Storm Electric Jam which basically is a vodka mixed with lemon and cranberry juice. The small bottle cost me around US$1.50 and contained the 5.6 percent mixer. It had a light brown or reddish clear look that reminded of jam. The smell was also pretty similar to jam, quite sweet and slightly sour. And you can guess it, the taste was similar to jam as well. It was quite fizzy but very sweet and slightly sour with a hint of cranberry in it but primarily sour because of the lemon. An interesting combination that worked not bad together but after all still not my kind of stuff.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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