365 Drinks: #225 Storm Lemon Lime (Malaysia)

Storm Lemon Lime
Storm Lemon Lime

Pre-loading in style!

Today’s mission was to find a good party. On the way we stopped by my favourite bottle distributor to get a drink. A Storm Lemon Lime. The green cloudy gin-lemon-lime mixer had 5.6 percent alcohol and a really citrus-like smell with a hint of gin aroma in it. It’s taste was quite based on the lime juice it contained. Sweet and slightly sour with a bit of a bitter gin flavor to it. We drank it while walking so I downed it rather fast but didn’t notice too much of it in the end except the constant burping because of the high carbonation of the drink. It is probably supposed to imitate some kind of mojito, but completely failed in that sense. A rather average mixer. But an awesome party.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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